Tuesday, September 9, 2008

4 Fast Ways to Speed Up Your Computer

#1) Registry Cleaning

You may not know it, but a leading cause of computer sluggishness is excess "baggage" and other errors in the Windows registry. The registry stores data and information on all of your software and settings. Over time, the registry can become cluttered with broken links and other errors all of which will slow down your computer.

Using a registry repair software to clean your registry is the recommended course of action, and it's fast and easy. Registry repair tools are not standard software, but you can download many registry scanners for free. In fact, I've linked to the free downloads of my top choice registry cleaners in the link below.

#2) Disk Cleanup

Using the Disk Cleanup function is another way to help your computer run a little faster. The Disk Cleanup function removes temporary internet files and other program files that you may have downloaded. When you consider how much time you are on your computer and how many files we open and access each day, these internet files and program files can amount to an incredible amount of space over time. Disk cleanup can be run by launching it from your Windows system tools menu.

#3) Dish Defragmenting

Another easy way to speed up your computer is to use the Disk defragmenter. Generally, when the files on your computer are fragmented it takes more time for the computer to search and find and try to piece the files back together. The process is similar to the disk cleanup and can also be run from the Windows system tools menu. One thing to remember is as hard disks are very large these days, this option can take some time. If you are going to do it plan to let it run overnight.

#4) Uninstall Unwanted Programs

If there are programs installed on your computer that you are not using you may want to uninstall them from the computer. Depending on what the programs are, some of them can take up a lot of space and really impact the speed of your computer. If you delete one of the programs you are using in error, they can generally be re installed pretty easily, so not to worry. Getting rid of unwanted software can give you more space on your hard drive and speed up your computer.

As you can see, with a little bit of time and effort, you can speed up your computer and work more efficiently. Computers, like all machines require regular maintenance to run smoothly. These basic maintenance tasks will ensure that your PC is always running well and you are not delayed by frustrating problems.

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