Thursday, February 19, 2009

Outlook Doesn’t Close

It isn’t very common that Outlook doesn’t close on it’s own. Practically always this is caused by an add-in or another program that integrates with Outlook. Once this add-in is disabled or updated or the program is closed the problem will be gone and Outlook will close normally again.
Add-insMost add-ins are shown in
Tools-> Options-> tab Other-> button Advanced Options…-> button Add-In Manager or button COM Add-ins.
Here you can disable or uninstall them.
For Outlook 2007 you can find this by going to Tools-> Trust Center-> Add-ins-> select the type of add-in in Manage and press Go…
If you get a permissions error when trying to disable an addin see this post.

It is very likely that the add-in will also show in Control Panel-> Add/Remove Programs. Check with the supplier if there are updates for your product.

ProgramsPrograms that integrate with Outlook are not always shown as an add-in as well. In this case you’ll have to disable the integration in the program itself. See the documentation of that program on how to disable it. If the integration is the key of the program (like it is with synchronization software) make sure you close that program after or before closing Outlook or it will keep Outlook open.
Programs that tend to keep Outlook open are;
Fax software Virus scanners Anti-spam filters Synchronization software (for e.g. your PDA or cell phone)
Vista Sidebar Gadgets displaying Outlook information Skype (View-> Show Outlook Contacts) Tip 1Disabling the integration of your virus scanner doesn’t increase (or decrease) the risk of infection by a virus. The on access scanner of the virus scanner1) will suffice. Also note that Outlook doesn’t allow code execution2) in the Reading/Preview Pane so you can’t get infected by a virus by using the Reading/Preview Pane to read messages.For more info also see this post.

Tip 2 If you use synchronization software for your PDA in most cases removing the PDA from its cradle before you close Outlook will suffice and let Outlook close successfully.

Outlook 2000 hangs if you try to quit Outlook 2000 after Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 was used to open your mailbox or if another user viewed your shared Calendar with Outlook 2003.See KB 834005 and call Microsoft support to obtain the fix (free of charge) or use the link at the left top of the article to request the download.

1)Depending on your virus scanner the on access scanner is also known as ‘real time scanner’, ‘auto protect’ or ‘Virus Shield’

2)You must have installed the e-mail security update for this when using Outlook 2000 or Outlook 98. For Outlook 98 click here to download. For Outlook 2000 make sure you’ve installed Service Pack 3

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