Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thin clients at low price

Save 50% on computers, Save 70% on maintenance, Save 90% on electricity

These thin clients are easy to maintain this can be used in schools, colleges, hospitals, call centers, internet cafe etc…

Thin clients typically consist of a monitor screen, a keyboard and a small device used for accessing one PC or server for all its needs, thus drastically reducing the cost for purchasing a full computer like hard drives, ram, processor & mother board….. for every user. It's all loaded into one or a few select PCs and everybody uses the applications off of those.

All programs of everyday life can be used with G1 Thin Pcs…to name a few ERP packages – SAP, ORACLE, PHP, Tally, Java, MS SQL based packages, oracle SQL, MS Office like - word, excel, PowerPoint; various browsers for surfing; e-mail clients like Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, etc.; including C, C++, chatting (using keyboard) programs and even open source & customized packages.

Get thin clients for low price
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